Bebefood Soy Sauce 180ml - 10 months and above **low sodium**
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Bebefood is a Korean brand that produced healthy and nutritious baby food products.

It is now available in Malaysia!!

This Bebefood soy sauce is clear and safe soy sauce that is made of selected Korean soybean.

The salt level of “Bebefood soy sauce” is lower 6-10% compared to general soy sauce. It can prevent the child from taking in too much of sodium in a day.

There are 2 types of Soy Sauce :

  • Purple: For cooking You can use it to cook soup, porridge, marinate
  • Blue : For Salad You can eat it directly with rice, dip with cooked meat, put some to taste on your cooked dish


180ml Korean traditional soy sauce . It is made with 100% strictly selected Korean soybean · NO synthetic additive added · Fermented solution of green tea is added to the soy sauce for children’s health · Manufacture in hygienic facility selected by exacting standards in Korea.

Ingredients: Korean traditional soysauce (100% soybean from Korea, purified water, bay salt), Lorean soybean sauce (soybean and wheat from Korea, purified water, bay salt), purified water, organic sugar (imported), oligosaccharide, fermented green tea liquor, spring onion extract, kelp extract

Keeping Method & Caution:  

  • Keep in cool place avoiding direct sunlight
  • Keep it refrigerated if you opened the package



原料只使用严格筛选的韩国非转基因大豆 !


适合10个月以上的宝宝, 也适合为大孩子和大人的食物调味。

这款酱油每100ml含有2333mg(=2.333g)的鈉。一滴为 0.05ml


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